Imagine Worship Dance Arts


Do You Like to Perform? 

Imagine Worship is yet another opportunity to do just that…while giving God the Glory!

In the summer we  also offer: Liturgical Worship Summer Dance Class at Dance Arts

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Imagine Worship

Imagine Worship started in 2011 when Miss Rhonda wanted to encourage movement as worship to her students. Inspired after seeing a Christian concert, she and Miss Sarah immediately started choreographing dances for a small group of Dance Arts students who were interested in performing and worshipping through their movement. It started small, going to a few local churches and grew to having a “tour week” where we now attend at least 8 nursing homes as well as several churches and special events at the end of the summer.

Imagine Worship is an ambassador program for Dance Arts in which our goal is to engage others in worship through movement and music. Dance Arts students are selected to be a part of this group based on interest, a heart to worship Jesus through their movement and a desire to share their faith with others. Students selected rehearse vigorously for only a short time, usually a week or so, and then go out and perform. Students selected must have a good grasp on quick pick up skills so that the task of learning and then turning around and performing can be done seamlessly. Imagine has been such a blessing to our students, staff and our community and if you desire to worship Christ in dance, then this is the group to join!

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage others into worship by presenting at schools, churches, and nursing homes. We celebrate the talents He has give us as we dance for Him.

What We Believe

We believe in the Bible as God’s Holy Word and try to follow it’s teaching about what it says in Matthew 28:19 (“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”). We believe in meeting people where they are in their faith walk, and allowing the movement to speak to their hear


As the summer winds down we find that there is usually a great combination of community events
and a need for rejuvenation before the next school year starts. This is the “season” for Imagine Worship. In the past we have performed at Berrien County Youth Fair, Royalton Manor, The Whitcomb, The Willows, Woodland Terrace, The Chapel, Saron Lutheran, First Congregational Church and many others.

We take 1 week in August to “tour” around town to share our love of Christ with others. This tour week is usually a mix of performances both during the daytime and the evening.


We will be attending Dance Revolution in Chicago (Jan/Feb 2023). We truly believe in the continuing of the dancer’s education while also being in community with other dancers of like-mindednessbeliefs. This weekend will inspire you asyou take classes with master teachers from across the U.S. and it also is a chance to once again perform as they offer each studio a spot in their Saturday night Showcase. This is a great opportunity you do not want to miss…another chance to perform, worship and share. There is a fee for the convention and the showcase and is an optional component of Imagine Worship.


Rehearsals will officially start in August but all those attending the Liturgical Worship class offered this summer will get an intro
into the choreography planned for the season.

Rehearsals are scheduled during the evenings the week of the Dance Arts
Summer Intensive as well as sprinkled through Fair Week depending upon need.

At the last rehearsal there will be a free will offering for use of studio space.