and offer a chance for your dancer to perform!

Recitals for All!

Dance Arts Revue & Mini-Recitals

Mini recitals are performed each evening, at Dance Arts. Mini Recitals are on the during the week, on the night of their dance class during the last week of classes. We learn more, get to be on “home turf” in our little theatre and we spend less with Mini Recitals.

Our big production recitals are performed at Lakeshore Auditorium on even years (2022). Production recitals are where we strive for perfection through practice and enjoy the rewards and “glitz” on stage! Costumes are purchased and kept by each dancer and students get to enjoy being a part of a big story & production!

Informal Arts Concerts

Informal Arts Concerts are an opportunity for students, classes, and varied artists to practice being in front of an audience- performing in an informal setting. Our concerts are presented in the Dance Arts little theatre, on 1st Saturdays of the month at 2 pm. (Months to be announced)
Thank you to all who have performed in Informal Arts Concerts throughout the year. We love to see you shine! 

Studio Dance Theater

Dance Arts is the home of “The Studio Dance Theatre“. It is open by audition to any area dancer, 10 years of age and older, that has had at least three years of formal dance training. The SDT is strictly for dancers whom are very interested in the art form, and wish to devote more time into learning how to perform. The non profit junior company was founded by Rhonda Rabbers in 1975 with a three-fold purpose:

  1. To better educate young dancers in the performing arts.
  2. To provide the community with a dance company.
  3. To donate monies to a local charity.

Thank you for your support of this incredible program for our community.

Dance Arts Performing CORE

A great performing experience. DAPC is our competitive dance team designed to improve technique and performance skills in a fun and structured atmosphere. We normally compete at regional events each season. The team is presently in rehearsal for their Nov. 14th community performance. DAPC is only a 12 week commitment this season. All placement is done in Aug. each year at the Summer Intensive. If you have any questions please email “Miss” Sarah at sarah@dancearts-sdt.com

Imagine Worship

Our mission is to engage others into worship by presenting at schools, churches, and nursing homes. We celebrate the talents He has give us as we dance for Him. Any questions please email Miss Sarah (sarah@dancearts-sdt.com)